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With its 2452 m, Pachnes is the highest mountain at the Lefka Ori. Another 52 peaks all over 2000 meters in altitude, waiting to be climbed and to give you a test. Views from north to south coast, plateaus and if we are lucky a wild Kri-Kri goat.
These day trips require good trekking shoes, warm clothing (raincoat), sun lotion, water bottle and a picnic lunch. Walking stick is not essential but seen as an asset. The tours do not require any previous mountaineering skills. Simply join the group and let our educated guides lead you to the top.


Pachnes I 2.452m at Lefka Ori
The high summit and on the middle of the Lefka Ori.
Very nice summit the panoramic view of the Lefka Ori
different for another summits
Only at the time you are there you realize the different!

Gigilos 2.080m and Volakias 2.150m at Lefka Ori
Zeus found his favorite filosophical thinking spot on this peak. So will we! We take a path leading us up towards the wildest and rockiest mountain of the Lefka Ori. After an hours pleasant walk we reach the fresh water springs of Linouseli. Here we fill our water bottles and continue to the peak passing the ridge between Gigilos peak and Psilafi peak. From the hight of 2080 meters we enjoy the views of the southern and northern Sea of Crete, the nearby gorges and the north, south and central part of the Lefka Ori as well as the neighbouring Island of Gavdos.

Melintau 2.130m at the Lefka Or
From the level of 1100 meters above the sea the first part towards Psari, passing the refuge of Kallergi begins. During the walk we experience the strange formations mother nature gave to this island, plaeteaus, peaks and gorges. The historical known sheep, milk and cheece country of Poria signifies our entering the central north part of the Lefka Ori. From the peak at 2.130 meter in altitude we get the best view of Pachnes the highest of them all.

Timios Stavros 2.456m at Psiloritis or Ida Mountain
The best view of Crete!!From the TOP of 2.456m of the high Mountain of Crete This is one very nice mountain hiking at the altitude level.. The Highs Mountain at the all inland of Crete with long mythology history! The Mountain of Zeus As children grew up. The weather is clear you can to see long all the island of Crete and Same times longer until too of Santorini island!!


Lefka Ori hard crossing
1 Day. We starting from Omalos via Kallergi hut and Poria area we go to Katsiveli over night at the Hut.
2 Day. Starting from Katsiveli via Livada and Sideroporti we continue our crossing via Kastro peak to Aksifou village
PS. Please asking for the detais of the program

Lefka Ori Eligias gorge crossing
1 Day. We tarting from Omalos via Kallergi hut and Melintau peak we go to Patamous area over night.
2 Day. From Potamous we go down to Eligias gorge and after of same hours of hiking at the very nice and special gorge will be at the Libyan Sea our day is end to Aia Roumeli village
PS. Please asking for the detais of the program

Lefka Ori Normal crossing
1 Day. Our crossing staring from Xyloskalo up to Kallergi hut and via Poria we cuntinue to Melintau peak 2.130m after we go to Kastiveli at the center of the Lefka Ori over night at the Kastiveli hut. 2 Day. The day starting to hiking from the Katsiveli area south on the way to Anopolis village via Rousies and Pachnes I 2.453m out day is end to Anopolis village
PS. Please asking for the detais of the program


Olympus Mountain
3 days of hiking at the mythical mountain
PS. Please asking for the detais of the program

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