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Biking is great for your health and vitality. It promotes your fitness and provides an excellent counterbalance to the lack of exercise that often characterizes our day-to-day lives.
A bicycle tour is also the ideal way to see Crete. Slow enough to allow you to really savoir the sights and sounds but fast enoguh to be able to cover 12 - 42 kilometers per day quite easily.

Technical difficulty:

Lower angle of ascend and descend. No previous experience required.

2. Average ascends/descends of 3-5°. Preferably previous experience but not essential.

3. Advanced angle of short and steep ascends/descends, 5-7°. Previous experience of biking essential.

4. Advanced mixture of off road and asphalt conditions with ascends/ descends of 7-12°. Good all round biking experience is required.

5.Pure off road biking with steep ascends and descends. Competent biking and off road riding experience at theses standards.


A. Good basic fitness.

B. Good cardio-vascular fitness mostly obtained from some light physical training.

C. High level of physical condition obtained from running or gym work etc.

D. Same as for C. Difficult ascends which requires the ability of standing up for long time.

E. Same as for D. Hard physical condition at elite level is required.

With Trekking Plan Outdoor Activities, you can relax and enjoy every aspect of your tour. Our 12 years of experience makes us the safest and most enjoyable mountain bike tour operater on the Western part of the Island. We have picked out the most attractive routes in Crete for you.

All our programs are available in English, Scandinavian ( Swedish, Norwegian or Danish ) and/or German. When participants are of mixed nationality we give a possibility of translating from English to the above mentioned languages.

We supply exclusively SCOTT mountain bikes that meet all requirements. 75 bikes of all classes are available at our MTB-station so even larger groups of bikers will be satisfyed.

Children are considered essential by Trekking Plan Outdoor Activities. All parents are supported, by special child prices etc, in spending their bike holiday together with their children. The bike destination keeps ready child seats and we will mount them by your demand. This way, children up to 22 kg may ride together with their parents.


Trekking Plan Outdoor Activities
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